Leadership Strategy Group Inc.
Executive Coaching & Leader Development


Executive Coaching & Leadership Development

We help organizations develop leaders who are capable and motivated to take on their most complex challenges. Today’s leaders require a mix of traditional management skills, strategic vision, emotional intelligence, collaboration, and motivational characteristics to drive superior performance and win in the marketplace.
We do this through a comprehensive leadership program that includes assessment, coaching and action planning methodology. It begins with the development of a robust leadership profile for each executive through a 360-degree assessment and interviews with the executive, team members and colleagues. From this profile, we co-create and implement an executive action plan and provide ongoing coaching to improve leadership effectiveness and achieve sustainable results.
The Leadership Development Process produces three key benefits for the individual and the organization:
  • Promotes understanding of an individual’s leadership style, strength and development needs
  • Creates accountability for achieving higher standards of leadership behaviors through action planning and follow-up
  • Drives sustained business performance through:
    • Higher standards of executive performance
    • Improved communications within the organization, yielding more efficiency and effectiveness in leading others
    • Better management of “talent assets”
      • Retention of key employees
      • Upgraded “bench strength” among executive team
The Leadership Strategy Group approach leverages this powerful methodology to produce sustainable results that can give clients a competitive advantage in the marketplace.