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Team Development & Intelligence

We help leadership teams enhance their Team Development & Intelligence, enabling them to work together more effectively to produce outstanding business results. The ability of a leadership team to align on a shared vision and strategies for finding new sources of growth across business units or divisions is critical for driving overall business success. We facilitate the development of high performing teams to achieve breakthrough results.
Key Dimensions of Team Development & Intelligence:
  • Shared vision and goals
  •  Commitment to team vision and goals
  • Role clarity within the team
  • Communication
  • Creation of win-win relationships
  • Accountability
  • Trust
  • Mutual Respect
Our Team Development & Intelligence Development Process includes assessment, program design and delivery, and follow-up coaching. We utilize team assessments and individual interviews to better understand the profile of the team and give team members new insights into themselves and colleagues. We build strong team dynamics by facilitating business-related team work sessions (not simulated) to provide real-time team feedback while working on real business issues. Lastly, we leverage our observations to co-create a TQ action plan with follow-up coaching support to achieve sustained results.
The Team Intelligence Development Process produces three key benefits for clients and their businesses:
  • Promotes understanding of each person’s style, strengths and development needs within the team
  • Creates accountability for achieving higher standards of team behaviors and delivery through action planning and follow-up
  • Drives sustained business performance through:
    • Higher standards of team performance
    • Improved communications within the team, yielding more efficiency and effectiveness in capitalizing on business opportunities
 How could enhanced focus on team intelligence drive your organization to the next level?