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Change Management

We help organizations to increase their capacity to lead and manage change. Change capacity increases as leaders assess the readiness for change within the organization and take proactive measures to create a vision, communicate it and encourage others to participate in it. Our experience is that organizations’ performance is correlated with capacity for change. 
We facilitate change management for key business priorities through a range of activities, starting with data gathering through feedback and dialogue and culminating in developing and implementing a change management action plan. We deploy a variety of approaches to address specific areas to increase change capacity: 
  • Assessment. We gauge employee’s readiness to embrace a change (e.g., a new strategy or organization) through interviews and focus groups.
  • Team Facilitation. We support teams and working groups who require new strategies and processes for achieving key business results, focusing on how the team operates as a group and in conjunction with other stakeholders within the larger system.
  • Workshops. We develop and facilitate workshops for employees to create breakthrough results and to help employees increase their individual readiness for change.
  • Coaching. We work with leaders to establish their vision for change and to lead their organizations toward the vision and goal achievement.
Our clients have achieved important breakthrough results through our process, including: 
  • Achieved cost savings targets by re-energizing a working group to develop and deploy new methods of managing the effort, leading solution brainstorming sessions, engaging more employees and suppliers to support the initiative and facilitating the use of new tools for evaluating and prioritizing solutions, using assessment, team facilitation, workshops and coaching.
  • Increased employees’ readiness to maintain focus and productivity while engaging with new responsibilities that resulted from a reorganization through assessment and workshop development.
  • Established awareness of and motivation to address the need to improve forecasting processes through assessment and workshop development.

How could a concentrated effort to increase your organization’s capacity for change take your business results to the next level?